Rock climbing guide forBosnia and Herzegovina

4 regions, 32 climbing crags, 2 bouldering areas

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We are a European team of climbers, united through our love for this region and it’s immense potential for outdoor sports and ecotourism.

Balkan Colours team


Happy New year, rise and shine climbers of the Balkans and Western Europe! This year is going to be a big one for climbing in Bosnia

„Sprechen sie deutsch?“ - Time travel, a can of tuna, bridges and a lot of spirit(s)..  Check out this first artic

Veliko hvala svima za uloženi trud i povjerenje prilikom pravljenja i slanja fotografija. Hvala i za vaše srpljenje, jer nam

Hvala svima koji su već predali svoje radove! Drago nam je da vidimo toliko odličnih fotografija iz svih krajeva BiH. Produžili smo

Dragi penjači i fotografi, vrijeme je da ujedinite snage i predstavite sebe i svoje lokalno penjalište na najbolji mogući nač

Our values

Four pillars of our actions


Events & tours in vertical and outdoor sports.


Sustainable rural development through adventure tourism.


Changing the perspective on this region and its potentials.


Spreading a culture of openness by sharing knowledge and resources.

The journey begins with one step.

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David is a regular to the region since 2011. Extremely impressed by the hospitality of the people and the immense Rock climbing

Igor became an active member of the Banja Luka “Climbing Club Extreme” in 2004 and shortly after becoming a member he to

Julien first met Bosnia in 2008 by curiousity for unknown things, and came back in 2009 as a volunteer for the climbing club Extreme. This is

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Fell free to contact us any time in Local language, English, German, French or Czech.


 Talijanskog bataljona Mateoti 6, 78000 Banja Luka, BiH

B&H: Igor Vukić, +387 65 779 027

Austria: David Lemmerer, +43 66 0547 1342

France: Julian Mayet, +33 6 9594 8939